About The Clarins Brand

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The History of Clarins

A pioneer, Jacques Courtin-Clarins created the first Clarins Institute in Paris, in 1954. A man passionate about the secrets held by plants, he was convinced that Beauty was a subtle science that deserved rigorous treatment formulas. For the love and respect of women and their beauty, he devoted a French-style standard of excellence in beauty and unique savoir-faire, which would spread across the world!


"For Clarins, the plant world is an infinite source of inspiration and innovation" - Dr Olivier Courtin-Clarins. Both sophisticated and simple plants often have benefits for the skin. By studying the sunflower, Clarins discovered that the supple yet firm stem contained exceptional firming active ingredients. The scientific team immediately incorporated this anti-ageing substance in its skin care formulas. A perfect example of biomimetics, Clarins studies the plant and extracts the right active ingredient which acts just where it is needed.



A Pioneering Company

Clarins is a pioneering company and regularly discovers natural active ingredients from plants across the world. Researchers looking for rare and beneficial plants, reveal the unique properties of each one to extract its most precious elements. Today, over 250 plants have been used in Clarins cosmetic formulas. And among them are three exceptional plants!


Clarins develops its unique methods in the treatment rooms of its Institutes in France and abroad. Clarins unique and exclusive treatments can be enjoyed in some of the most beautiful salons in the world, where luxury, beauty and pure pleasure for the senses are awaiting you. Enjoy the Clarins experience elsewhere and get a taste of heaven!